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The Battlefield Boogie Club 


Founded in November 2004, the Battlefield Boogie Club is a social dance club dedicated to the preservation and promotion of beach music and shag dancing. We do our best to promote these efforts as well as to educate and teach others the art of shag dancing and to inform our members and guests about beach music and shag dancing activities.

The BBC was founded for the purpose of providing an inexpensive place to dance on a regular basis in the Fredericksburg, VA area. It is further dedicated to helping its members improve their dancing skills, whether they are brand new dancers or seasoned veterans.

Our goal is to become a "family" of friends who become bonded together by their love of shag dancing and the music we play. Our music format is predominantly a rhythm and blues style, characteristic of beach music from the 50's and 60's; however, we are not an oldies club. Most of the music played at our club consists of "new" releases made over the past decade, purchased from music vendors in the southern Carolina states, and often referred to as "beach music".

The BBC is not a singles club nor a couples club, but simply a dance club. Being a small social club, the environment at our dances is very different from a public nightclub. It is a very friendly atmosphere where members are encouraged to dance with numerous partners.

The BBC is operated by a seven member Board elected by the membership on an annual basis. However, all members are encouraged to participate and help their club by serving on a committee.

The BBC became a member of the Association of Carolina Shag Clubs (ACSC) in January 2008. Our primary DJ's (Craig Jennings, Ron Lipps, and Bill "Willy T" Frostick) are members of the Association of Beach and Shag Club DJ's.

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